Their 50 years birthday !

Party's poster



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A Troude family work:

  • Concept: Godefroy and Pénélope.
  • Iconographic rechearch: Godefroy and Pénélope.
  • Costumes and accessories rechearch: Pénélope and Jean-Marie. For Steed: Jean-Marie's costume, Georges Troude's hat and umbrella (1889-1990)
  • Shooting at Parking Studio, october, the 4th 1998: Jean-Marie and Godefroy.
  • Scanning: Jean-Marie.
  • Touch up on John Steed: Godefroy.
  • Touch up on Mme Peel: Godefroy and Jean-Marie.
  • Layout: Jean-Marie et Godefroy.
  • Mascot: Crazy.


  • Nikon F90, Kodacolor Gold II 100 film,
  • PowerMac G3,
  • Scanner Polaroid SprintScan 35GT.
  • Photoshop 5
  • Printings on Epson stylus EX printer.




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